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Welcome to the Adult Care Providers Handbook

This handbook has been developed for managers and staff working at all levels in care homes, supported living or domiciliary care services. It provides a range of guidance which will support the service to meet its regulatory responsibilities and provide the best care and support possible. 

Unless specified otherwise, all of the guidance in the handbook applies to everyone.  

Where the term ‘registered person’ is used, this refers to either the ‘registered manager’ or the ‘registered provider’, whichever is applicable to your service. 

Each chapter of the handbook contains a ‘scope’ box setting out: 

  • What to expect from the chapter;
  • Links to relevant regulations;
  • Links to other relevant chapters in the handbook;
  • Links to relevant external guidance.

The handbook also includes direct links to a range of online resources:

  • CQC Provider Portal;
  • tri.x Care Act 2014 resource;
  • tri.x Mental Capacity Act 2005 Resource and Practice Toolkit;
  • Skills for Care Support for Registered Managers;
  • Skills for Care Learning and Development;
  • Care Quality Commission Information for Adult Social Care Providers.

Last Updated: March 11, 2024